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    Small Group Classes | Customized Personal Training | Game Changing Equipment:
    The Experience of a Lifetime.


    Custom, Holistic Programming: Based on YOUR Body. YOUR Needs.
    YOUR Lifestyle.


    Shred Fat, Tone your Body, Increase Flexibility, Perfect your Nutrition
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    Constant variation and balance means MIND BLOWING results, NO BOREDOM, and NO DISCOURAGEMENT.


To give you the body you've always wanted, with the time you've always had. Specializing in creating "The CORE Effect", every workout is guaranteed to burn between 500-800 calories on the spot, followed by the increase in your metabolism for the next 2-3 days, you'll be "fitness to the core" in no time! Your body will learn to burn an additional 300-500 calories per week, AT REST. We make fitness easy, so it fits into your life, and you fit into those pants!

We take an unbiased approach toward getting you to your goals. Our specialty is balancing the 5 CORE fundamentals of fitness based on your specific needs, regardless of time or budget. We incorporate out of the facility activities into the program to ensure your long term success while ensuring your progress is monitored at all times by a certified professional. Our attention to your motivation, accountability, structure and knowledge are the keys to your success.

14 Day Challenge

Most people would say it takes 3 days to get a feel for something, 7 days to make it a habit, and 14 days to make it a part of your lifestyle. Our 14 Day challenge is an opportunity to try the facility, stress free. You will have unlimited access to our CORE class schedule, child care, spin, and yoga with each facet of your fitness personalized based on your complimentary assessment to ensure you maximize your time and protect against injury. Its simple:14 days, full access, and a ton of fun with no strings attached. No gimmicks, just FITNESS TO THE CORE.

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The Core 5  Program
  1. Cardio

    Spin, Ballet Barre, Zumba, Ultimate CORE Work Out

  2. Nutrition

    Weekly Seminars, Personalized Nutrition to Compliment YOUR Workout

  3. Resistance Training

    1 on 1 PT, Synergy 360 Group personal training, CORE Resistance Classes

  4. Flexibility

    Yoga, Hot Yoga, Pilates, CORE Stretch Testing

  5. Support

    CORE Trainers tracking progress 24/7, CORE HR monitoring, CORE Motivation on every Corner, Certified Trainer involved in every moment of interaction.

CORE Schedule
  • Over 190 classes per week
  • Heart rate monitored in every class to track progress
  • Constantly evolving class schedule to challenge even the most savvy fitness goer
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Located in Brandon, Florida just east of Tampa. We are near Campbell's Medical Group next to Walmart off Brandon Blvd.
Phone: 813-330-2115 Email: info@core5studio.com
1076 East Brandon Blvd #211
Brandon, Florida 33511

To enrich the lives of every person through a balanced, calculated, and realistic approach to your fitness, one CORE principle at a time.

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